Nautor’s Swan [2007-2008]

LPA Collaborators: Antonio Cavallo, Jenny Hammer (Kitchen Boat) / Naval Architecture: Frers Yacht Design

Photo Credits: Matteo Piazza and Franco Pace


A sailboat inherently demonstrates that the forces of nature can be sustained and optimised with the cooperation of artificial elements. If to this formula we add a shipbuilder such as Swan, which brings together the best naval carpenters in the world, revealing the work behind the construction of nautical space becomes a programmatic choice.
The exterior styling concentrated on the creation of diverse innovations to transform the exterior spaces of the yacht using multiform solutions (as suggested by the name of the boat itself). Firstly, what the architects refer to as “tuming”, midway between the deckhouse and coaming, and the rigid, mechanically operated bimini, that rests on the deck and becomes an integral part of the deckhouse, creating what is truly an outdoor living room.
Inside, the architects decided to respect the essence of the sloop. Rather than negating the conformation of the hull, it is instead denounced in all its natural beauty, with its curved walls exalted by the 90-degree corners of the veneer finishes to emphasise their thinness and the skill of the craftsmen who created them. Even the mast is exposed to further reinforce the sporting nature of the boat, what is more studying each technical part for its aesthetic-formal and practical-functional qualities.
To respond to the Greek owner’s specific request, the designers studied a system of air conditioning that ensures the circulation of air through the intelligent placement of openings to exploit natural ventilation, without the need for mechanical equipment.
Another dominant element is represented by the symmetry of the main structures. This is evident above all in the master suite whose twin beds create an almost specular doubling of space.
The ample perimeter glazing, which privileges natural illumination, features etched glass that offers an uninterrupted view of the landscape from inside the boat, while blocking the view from the outside in.
Equipment storage and service spaces were resolved by adopting a separate kitchen boat that follows the main vessel, without compromising the owner’s privacy. The accompanying boat offers all the pleasures of a large professional kitchen without sacrificing inhabitable space aboard the yacht.


● 2011 – ADI Compasso d’Oro – Honorable Mention – POLYTROPON II