Nautor’s Swan 82 Polytropon II

Polytropon is an 82-foot (25m) sloop launched by the Nautor Swan shipyard in 2008. While the hull is signed by German Frers, the interior and exterior spaces were designed by [LPA]. The raised deckhouse merges with the cockpit coaming in a single sign. Thus was born what looks like a simple white structure: the “tuming” – born from the union of the word deckhouse and coaming. Thanks to the use of screen-printed and openable glass, it allows total communication between interiors and exteriors.

The owner did not like air conditioning and, although it is present, he hoped never to use it. The ventilation paths have been carefully studied, resulting in a continuous flow of current, adjustable through the greater or lesser opening of the glass panels of the tuming and the portholes behind the guest cabins aft. The choice of white stems from the desire to minimize the absorption of sunlight. Screen-printed glass reduces glare and heat transmission. All glass surfaces are also screened with blackout curtains.