Wally [2005-2006]

LPA Collaborator: Eva Christine Schenck / Naval Architecture: Farr Yacht Design

Photo Credits: Tony Meneguzzo and Wally


Lazzarini Pickering has been styling the Wally 80 since 1999. Over the years they have introduced numerous important innovations, including a full width skylight or a version comprised of strips of glazing and teak, a true world first in this sector. The second variant was used for Shaka, a custom version with an unmistakable profile. From above the yacht reveals three strips, the glazed central portion of which illuminates the spaces below deck. This continuous line of skylights interrupts two other strips finished in teak. This result is a substantial continuity between interior and exterior.
The interiors play with the long dimension of ribbon-like lines used to emphasise the streamlined hull. In the main living area the skylights that flood the interiors with natural light create a luminous strip; the skylight is accompanied by two black strips that mark the room and by the cuts of the side windows. The interiors are a play of neutral colours, from the white deckhead and walls to the carbon black limited to a few elements that mark directional vectors, concluding with the grey, here in a particular hue of baby blue, the true “colour” of the furnishings, used on the sofas and floor. A system of wardrobes set parallel to the hull was studied to highlight the curving internal profile. An interesting choice was that of not using any exposed wood, normally a characteristic feature of Wally interiors. Rather than the opaqueness of sound absorbing wood, the architects preferred the effect of highly polished and reflective lacquered white walls and the brilliant black of carbon fibre. Even the bases of the sofas were given a mirror finish to create a play of reflections enhanced by natural light pouring in from overhead. This treatment of the bases of the fixed furnishings has the effect of dilating the interior spaces that, above all aboard a yacht, tend to be reduced to a minimum.
The novel use of fluorescent artificial lighting has since gained a significant following.
Shaka received the Compasso d’Oro Award in 2008.


● 2010 – Designpreis Deutschland 2010 – Gold – WALLY 80 “SHAKA”

● 2008 – ADI Compasso d’Oro – Industrial Design Prize – WALLY 80 “SHAKA”