New York and Los Angeles, USA and Paris, France [2008-2009]

LPA Collaborators: Stéphane Boucher, Antonio Cavallo, Serena Bisceglia, Davide Galli

Image Credits: LPA


The redesign of Montblanc’s international boutiques included a makeover of the French brand’s image, with the intention of emphasising the precious objects on display and creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for clients.
The concept rotates around a system of furnishings capable of serving different functions, combining display cases with lighting, and shaping and marking the rhythm of space. The result is a sequence of architectural presences. Heterogeneous in height and form, they feature integrated lighting and display cases, conceived to create diverse configurations through different combinations.
To valorise the warm and inviting atmosphere studied for the showrooms, the architects associated the brand’s blue with chromatic variations of natural wood. Soft drapery on the walls enriches the spaces of the boutiques, creating suggestive scenarios that vary in accordance with different needs and desired effects.
The sales areas also feature small seating zones with tables and chairs, where clients can dedicate time and attention to the selection of Montblanc’s unique products. This setting encourages dialogue and discussion between staff and client and consents direct contact with the company’s products.
The “O”-shaped frames, a recurring motif in the aesthetic of Lazzarini Pickering, divide the spaces, while simultaneously creating display spaces and establishing an architectural dialectic between the host space and the other objects designed by the office.