Magnum Marine [2005-2006]

LPA Collaborators: Barbara Fragale, Andrea Di Laurenzio, Marijana Radovic, Antonio Cavallo / Naval Architecture: Magnum

Photo Credits: Matteo Piazza


Each project by Lazzarini Pickering tends in some ways to be a portrait of its clients. This particular project began with an initial dichotomy that would prove highly stimulating: the client requested large open spaces, pursuing the idea of a high performance, navigable loft; his wife, instead, was searching for a more classical structure of cabins suitable to vacations with family and friends.
The design thus focused on obtaining a high performance sloop, typical of the Magnum line, without sacrificing any of the comfort of its interior and exterior spaces. An aggressive look was guaranteed by removing any openings along the sides of the vessel; all the same, the interiors are reached by a notable quantity of light, thanks to the large, flush skylights set into the deck that respond to the client’s specific requests for a light-filled space.
The result is a sloop perfect for vacations or for short day trips, marked by the perfect balance between performance and comfort, obtained using multipurpose elements. This concept is exemplified in the custom-made canopy consisting of four inclined aluminium posts supporting a Kevlar/carbon fibre sail canvas. When not in use, for example during navigation, it can be easily stowed in a compartment below the sundeck, disappearing entirely.
The interiors are also an open space marked by a capacity for transformation: the large white leather sofas can be easily converted into four separate double beds in cabins divided by sliding panels. Vertical elements become horizontal, for example the doors that can be transformed into shelves or tables.
The sensation of being in a vast, comfortable space is further enhanced by the choice to finish every surface, including the deckhead, in lacquered, almost reflective white finishes.