Triennale di Milano [2016]

LPA Collaborators: Giuseppe Postet, Anna Ceracchi, Carlo Guerrieri

Photo Credits: Matteo Piazza


The project “la Vie en Rose”, presented at the 2016 Milan Triennale, explores the theme of sustainability by interpreting the the technical and design possibilities of photovoltaic Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC), a hybrid organic-inorganic system of photoelectrochemical cells of the third generation. All the red internal surfaces of the living cell, including the table, are used as energy producing photovoltaic elements.

Sheets of glass from pink to bordeaux red define the walls of a minimal living unit that investigates the architectural, technical, aesthetic and ethical potential of new organic photovoltaic technologies. Screen printed surfaces with a dark red photovoltaic ink produce energy when exposed to direct, indirect or artificial light sources, triggering a virtuous loop between consumption and energy production. 33sqm of interior and 12sqm of loggia/terrace accommodate all the living functions of a couple that looks to the future from the contemporary, while keeping elements of memory.

A central plan, sheltered by a vault, is enclosed by a perimeter of service spaces and photovoltaic panels that open according to the needs, modifying the space like theatrical scenery. The loggia/greenhouse, mediating space between inside and outside, regulates air conditioning and energy production and hosts plants and functions of domestic life.

The living units, duplicating and aggregating themselves, generate architectures and landscapes in continuous transformation that aim at energy self-sufficiency.