Australia [2022]

LPA Collaborators: Charbel Bou-Francis, Simone Renzi

Photo Credits: Steven Woodburn, Nikki To


20 years on from the opening of the Icebergs Dining Room and Bar at Bondi Beach and our first project with Maurice Terzini, we were thrilled to be involved in the rejuvenation of the now iconic Sydney institution. A complete restoration with thoughtful changes and considered additions that preserve the original DNA of the project, lighter and fresher to carry through to the next chapter.

The spectacular setting remains the protagonist. The restored “crystalised waves” retain their pride of place in what is an otherwise long and wide corridor, creating the intimate and welcoming dining areas. The materials and palette continue to echo the exquisite view of the sea and pool below, with the new hand-glazed Tuscan tile tables adding another layer – the turquoises, aquamarines, blues and greens of the calm waters to the foamy crashing waves – each one unique in its pattern and colour formation. These allow a fresh alternative to tablecloths for a summer version of the restaurant setting.

The dramatic natural landscape of Bondi Beach by day had to find its equivalent in an artificial landscape at night. The original custom designed round chandeliers that inspired many copies have been replaced with a graphic architectural lighting solution that creates circular light bursts reminiscent of the previous lighting. Ceiling mounted light fittings and a custom array of small rods cleverly fitted into the perforated ceiling allow for an elegant play of light and shadows that recalls the original concept of a light landscape after sunset.

One of the main additions to the restaurant is the new Pacific Dining Room on the existing open terrace. Designed for events and for use in all weather conditions with its glass partitions, it has its own dedicated bar and is the perfect spot to enjoy the ever-changing horizon.