Dassault Aviation [2010-2012]

LPA Collaborators: Stéphane Boucher, Antonio Cavallo, Serena Bisceglia, Davide Galli / Aviation Architecture: Dassault Aviation

Photo and Image Credits: LPA


The design of this private, thirteen-seat jet pursues a desire to expand the perception of space using the reflections generated by a mirrored strip running the length of the ceiling above the central corridor. The result is a more open sensation, a feeling that the passenger cabin appears to expand. Once seated, a play of reflections offers passengers a view of the ground or, in any case, a form of visual contact with the underside of the plane. The reflections are amplified by the use of metals and a strip of bright silk carpeting
running beneath the mirror on the ceiling. This chromatic homogeneity marks a new approach to a typology of interior generally defined by a variety of materials and colours that often creates a
true cacophony. Lazzarini and Pickering’s monochromatic design creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere.
Also worthy of note are the technological solutions and division of the cabin, which include a private suite in the tail section, completed with a sofa that can be transformed into a bed, two seats with a folding table for working or dining and a personal lavatory.
The office’s habitual attention to detail produces custom solutions, including the sliding door with its double symmetrical leafs, a true innovation in this sector.