Produced by Acierno


Maximum dynamism with minimum effort: the paradox fully resolved by the Dormusa structure and Serventi tables. The main element is a bed that, with the addition of a vertically supported bridge-table, can also become a sofa, sofa bed or day bed; all in the pursuit of maximum comfort and leisure. A series of linear elements, connected by elegant and simple joints, can be assembled to create a host of versatile configurations that informally respond to the most disparate requirements. High quality detailing and finishes ensure an exquisite final result. What appears so simple is, in reality, the fruit of a much more complex vision of how to furnish interior space. Almost limitless configurations permit variations that are never constrained or mortified; on the contrary, they are open to interpretation by their users, responding to needs that change over time. The system of bridging Serventi tables, used to connote diverse functions by transforming the Dormusa to meet specific requirements, is one of the most imitated pieces of furnishing in recent years.