Benetti [2020-2021]

LPA Collaborators: Stéphane Boucher, Carlo Guerrieri, Sara Nussberger, Anna Ceracchi, Jessica Tiberi / Naval Architecture: Benetti, Francesco Struglia Design

Photo Credits: Michela Locci, Giovanni Malgarini, Matteo Fiorini, LPA


The timeless elegance of life aboard in the 60’s/70’s Benetti’s Motopanfilo’s design inspired the interior and deck design of the boat. We wanted to celebrate life on the sea and to create a boat and not another floating house as so many yachts now seem to be. We also studied and analysed the classical yachts we admired and we identified the bulkheads and ribs as distinguishing elements. We have reinterpreted them in a contemporary way: they give longitudinal rythm to all the spaces and long perspectives on board whilst at the same time dilating trasversally the spaces. They are an architectural element that also resolves functional needs such as the airconditioning, storage and lighting. They also allow to vary the placement of the materials that completely changes the atmosphere of the boat.

The Benetti Motopanfilo’s were very simple, refined boats with a restrained palette of materials; teak, mahogany, white lacquer and polished stainless steel. We have reinterpreted them for the third millenium. We have worked with a lighter wood and we have integrated it with mirror panels. We have also changed the positions of the materials. Where the original Motopanfilo had small portlights and walls of mahogany panelling and white headlinings/ceilings we reversed the rapport in the main deck saloon of the MP37. Glass replaced the mahogany creating a new rapport with the exterior and the wood was positioned on the ceilings and floors. Master ebanists matched the veneers to create beautiful curved ceilings. This is our approach of reinterpreting the past for the future.

The MP37 looks like no other boat on the water but seems familiar. It is a new classic that will not date. It is timeless.


● 2022 – Boat Design & Innovation Awards 2022 – Category: Best New Series – BENETTI MOTOPANFILO 37m
● 2022 – World Superyacht Awards 2022 – Category: Semi-displacement or Planing Motor Tachts 35m to 39.9m – KOJU BENETTI MOTOPANFILO 37m
● 2021 – World Yacht Trophies – Best Innovation Yacht – MOTOPANFILO 37m